North Korea calls third UN sanctions this year ‘act of war’
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North Korea calls third UN sanctions this year ‘act of war’

December 24, 2017

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North Korea said on Sunday that the third set of U.N. sanctions passed against it were an “act of war.” On Friday, the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution to impose the sanctions by a unanimous vote of 15-0. The state-run Korean Central News Agency released a statement saying North Korea “categorically reject[s]” the resolution, and that the countries that voted for sanctions “shall be held completely responsible for all the consequences to be caused by the resolution.”

North Korea conducted an intercontinental ballistic missile test on Nov. 28. The U.S.-drafted resolution 2397 was a response to the country’s missile and nuclear tests. Among other provisions, it cuts refined petroleum exports to the North by 89 percent and calls for about 100,000 North Korean workers in other countries to return within two years.

Previous resolutions this year imposing sanctions on North Korea included resolution 2375 on Sept. 11 and resolution 2371 on Aug. 5.

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