Trudeau says he ‘shouldn’t make ‘dumb’ jokes after ‘peoplekind’ comment
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Trudeau says he ‘shouldn’t make ‘dumb’ jokes after ‘peoplekind’ comment

February 8, 2018

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday he “shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny,” referring to his use of “peoplekind” during a town hall meeting in Edmonton last week. At the meeting, a woman from the audience said, “Maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind.” Trudeau responded by saying, “We like to say ‘peoplekind,’ not necessarily ‘mankind,’ because it’s more inclusive.” The crowd then cheered and the woman laughed, saying, “There you go, exactly. Yes, thank you.” Some media outlets and social media users criticized Trudeau’s comment.

On Wednesday, Trudeau said he made a “dumb” joke that “played well” at the time, adding that “out of context, it doesn’t play so well.” He said it was a reminder to him that “I shouldn’t be making jokes even when I think they’re funny.”

Some media outlets and individuals on social media criticized Trudeau for being “too politically correct,” according to The Globe and Mail.

Before the exchange at the meeting, the woman who spoke to Trudeau thanked him for “recently fill[ing] the seats of your cabinet with female leaders.” Trudeau has called himself a “feminist.” He appointed an equal number of men and women to his cabinet, and has nominated a woman to Canada’s Supreme Court.

Trudeau began a four-day visit to the U.S. Wednesday, first visiting the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, where he spoke about trade.

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