With Prejudice

Discredited for questioning the status quo.

In our current society, people are being publicly discredited by institutions and the media for voicing opinions that go against the norm. This impedes civil discourse and dissuades critical thinking. The Knife’s series “With Prejudice” is aimed at increasing awareness of this phenomenon so society can evolve beyond it.

We’ve curated a list of people and organizations who’ve recently been discredited, and we’ll be examining these cases on a regular basis. To read more about the series, click here.

Note: This series was previously titled “BLACKLISTED.” We received feedback from our primary advisor that the name was inappropriately spun and failed to include additional perspectives. Although our mission is clear, our application of it is sometimes faulty and we seek to rectify it. We decided to change the name of the series to “With Prejudice.” This title embodies our goal of exploring how prejudice affects critical thinking. 

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