Our Process

  • First
    We strip news of spin so it’s just the news.

  • Then
    We rate news sources so you know what to believe.

  • Finally
    We explain the distortion so you’re never misled again.

By the numbers

We run each news story through an analysis process that measures bias and assigns objective ratings for Spin, Slant and Logic. Then we combine those ratings into a single score so you can see the integrity of each news outlet’s coverage.

By the numbers

Our analysis

How does our analysis work? We look at the following indicators:

  • The Story

    Image: The Story

  • The Spin

    Spin makes language vague, dramatic or sensational—it’s anything that strays from objective, measurable facts. It opens the door to bias and keeps us from a precise understanding of what happened.

    Image: The Spin

  • The Slant

    Slant is when you’re told only part of the story, with cherry-picked information that supports a particular viewpoint. This makes the news unbalanced, and keeps our understanding limited and narrow.

    Image: The Slant

  • The Logic

    There are the facts, and then there are conclusions we draw about those facts. Logic assesses whether those conclusions are backed up with data, and whether they’re based on valid reasoning.

    Image: The Logic

  • The Raw Data

    Some of the information in the news is fact, some of it is opinion, and some of it is a confusing blend of both. We extract the most relevant data from a news story to provide a more objective overview of what happened.

    Image: The Raw Data

Some frequently asked questions.

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  • As far as we know, we are the only company that analyzes the spin, slant and logic of news coverage based on consistent standards. We provide a system of analysis with unique ratings and perspectives that inspire ethics and critical thought. Additionally, we are not supported in any way by advertisers or outside companies, so our only loyalty is to our mission and our customers.

  • We analyze the largest and most influential U.S. media outlets, as well as other important English-language outlets. “The Media” section on our homepage displays the nine outlets that we analyze most frequently.

  • Whether we like it or not, the news is a powerful force in our world. It shapes and is shaped by the public, informs policy decisions, and has become more than ever the real-time recording instrument of our collective history. If humankind were to vanish tomorrow, and future visitors were to find the records of our civilization, would you feel good about the records they would find? We at The Knife are committed to truth, honor, and the preservation of a human legacy of which all people can feel proud.

  • It can take up to 12 different people and 62 man hours to produce a full analysis of a story.

  • As a subscriber, you are supporting our mission of bringing ethics to media, as well as making a personal commitment to raising awareness and critical thought. In a general sense, you are upholding values of honor, truth, ethics, and the preservation of history. More specifically you are supporting a movement that seeks to hold news agencies accountable for what they write and puts the power back into the hands of the people they serve.

  • We have a dedicated and growing team of analysts who work diligently every day to bring you detailed analyses of breaking news. We rely solely on revenue from subscribers to support their work, so all the money we earn through subscriptions goes directly to improving and maintaining our product and supporting the team.

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