CNN described the U.S. and Turkey as “on-again-off-again” allies, and The New York Times said they’re at odds with each other. The outlets also said bilateral relations:

  • [are] deteriorating (The New York Times)
  • [have been] souring for some time (Financial Times)
  • [have taken] another turn for worse (Financial Times)
  • [have] hit a new low (Financial Times)

Regarding the visa suspensions and their potential effects, the outlets said they:

  • escalate [an] already serious rift (Financial Times)
  • threaten to create chaos (The New York Times)
  • trigger[ed] a flurry of diplomatic activity (Financial Times)
  • rattled investors (Financial Times)
  • [sent] the stock market tumbling (Financial Times)
  • sen[t] Turkish financial markets plunging (Bloomberg)

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