Jens Erik Gould

Editor in Chief

Jens Erik Gould is Editor in chief and co-developer of The Knife Media.

Jens is a print, radio and video journalist who has reported from over a dozen countries on issues including politics, business and music. Jens Erik Gould covered Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela as a regular contributor to The New York Times and National Public Radio. Subsequently, he was a staff correspondent for Bloomberg News in Mexico City, covering the country’s economy, politics and drug violence. He then covered California as a regular contributor for TIME Magazine and Jens has also appeared on camera for CNN, Fox News and France 24.

He is also creator, producer and host of Bravery Tapes, a web series published on The Huffington Post that tells stories of human courage. Jens Erik Gould has earned a Fulbright scholarship and two Pulitzer Center grants.

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